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Aiden is a strong and experienced witch who works for the Neptune Defence Squad in Solefor and is Kody's father.

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Aiden is tall, with tan skin, black hair, and green eyes -Like his son: Kody-. The true definition of a Hot Boi ™. Like other Defence Squad members, he wears a black suit, black tie, white shirt, and black pants, all of which he fills extremely attractively. All in all, Aiden is one of the hottest characters to ever grace the screens of our phones, iPads, tablets, PCs, and laptops. I thank thee, fair Emma Krogell, for giving us this absolutely beautiful man who is legit a God.


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In contrast with his son, Aiden is outwardly cheerful and energetic towards everything. However, he can be serious when the situation calls for it, such as when Lumine and his son were attacked by robbers. Additionally, it has been hinted that underneath his smiles, he can be quite manipulative, especially when he got Sherry and Silver to pretend to rob the gas station market. It seems he can also be quite intimidating when he needs to be, like towards Elijah when he finds out that Lumine is a werewolf.

History Edit

Aiden became Kody's father about 12 years before the beginning of the story. He is also in charge of Neptune Headquarters.

he dies in episode 62 lmao

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Aiden rescued Kody and Lumine from the robbers in an alleyway. When Lumine tried to leave, Aiden called after him and took the werewolf boy with him. Although Lumine originally had misgivings, he was both relieved and horrified to hear that Aiden had learned of him from his friend Edward Hageman. Aiden then took Lumine with him back to his car and offered him a job and a place to stay: Neptune Headquarters. When they stopped at a gas station on the way to Neptune Headquarters, Aiden convinced Lumine to follow Kody to the gas station market.[1]

This later turned out to be part of a plan to see Lumine in action. Aiden got his fellow Defence Squad members, Sherry and Silver, to pretend to hold up the gas station in order to see how Lumine would respond to an attack.[2]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Spellcasting: As a witch, Aiden is capable of casting spells. So far, he has been seen glowing with green light whenever he is about to cast a spell. In the alleyway, he blasted a curse very near the thief as a warning shot, indicating that he has a fine level of control over his magic. He also is seen being able to create green energy chains to keep even Lumine to the ground, and even taking the word werewolf from Elijah's mind with ease. Most recently using the mysterious werewolf's blood and using it to transform into a werewolf.

Relationships Edit

Kody Edit

Kody is Aiden’s son, and like his father is a witch. Aiden cares and worries about Kody but his son is often cold towards him.

Lumine Edit

Lumine is employed by Aiden as his son’s bodyguard. Aiden cares about Lumine like the rest of his employees.

Edward Hageman Edit

Hageman is Aiden's friend and frequently complained to him about Lumine.

Elena Edit

Elena is Aiden's close friend and he places great trust in her prophetic visions. Aiden teases her about her strange taste in clothing, and she teases him about him looking “annoyingly young as ever“ even though he is “ancient”.

Thief and Weredog Robbers Edit

Aiden intimidated the thief and weredog robbers into submission and saw them as lowly, pathetic, and cowardly.

Silver Edit

Aiden is Silver's boss in the Neptune Defence Squad, but they have a friendly relationship.

Sherry Edit

Sherry also works with Aiden in the Neptune Defence Squad. She keeps him on track and makes sure he does his work.

Mysterious crows Edit

They notify Aiden of the mysterious werewolf's presence and have good relationships with each other, even being allowed to call Aiden an idiot witch without a regression in their relationships. Aiden seemingly interacts with them when they sense danger.

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