The headquarters of the Neptune Defence Squad

Defence Squads are special organisations in Solefor that handle major cases the police are unable to deal with.

Organization Edit

From what has been shown in the series so far, Defence Squads appear to function like regular companies, having to deal with paperwork and administration.

It is implied that most, if not all, Defence Squad members know how to use firearms and are trained in combat.

Uniform Edit

Defence Squad members wear black suits, white shirts, and black ties. Male members wear black pants and female members wear black skirts.

Notable Defence Squads Edit

Hageman's Defence Squad Edit

The Defence Squad run by Edward Hageman. Lumine used to work here prior to the beginning of the series.

Neptune Defence Squad Edit

The Defence Squad that Aiden, Sherry, Silver, and several other unnamed members are a part of. Lumine is being employed by them to guard Aiden's son Kody.