Get the H*ll out of here!!

~ Hageman in Episode 1

Edward Hageman is a high-ranking member of one of Solefor's Defence Squads and Lumine's ex-boss.

Appearance Edit

Hageman is a bald man with fair skin. He wears the same suits that the defense squads of Solefor wear

Personality Edit

According to two of his employees, Hageman is usually a very patient man.[1] However, when it comes to Lumine, he is short-tempered and prone to shouting. Lumine's primary memories of him are of him shouting.

History Edit

When Hageman first hired Lumine, he made him his bodyguard because he couldn't think of what other jobs to assign him. However, Lumine tested his patience by starting a fight with some other members of their Defence Squad, destroying part of the building in the process, sleeping through an attack on their headquarters, and pushing him down a flight of stairs and almost hospitalizing him.[2]

Plot Edit

Hageman fired Lumine and evicted him from his house with only his backpack, thus forcing him to sleep outside. This led to Kody finding Lumine and beginning the story.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Hageman is a member of a Defence Squad, so he probably has some investigative or combat abilities regular citizens would not.

Relationships Edit

Lumine Edit

Hageman is completely infuriated by the mere mention of Lumine's name.

Aiden Edit

Hageman and Aiden are apparently friends. Hageman frequently complains to Aiden about Lumine.

Trivia Edit

  • Hageman was the first character seen in LUMINE.

References Edit

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