You do realize I came to tell you this for a reason right?

~ Elena in Episode 8

Elena is a mysterious friend of Aiden's with the ability to see visions of possible future events.

Appearance Edit

Elena is a tall pale-skinned woman with white hair and blue-green eyes. According to Aiden, her taste in clothes is "outlandish".

Plot Edit

Elena drove to Neptune Headquarters to see Aiden and discuss her latest vision of the future.[1] She later accompanied him to pick up Kody and Lumine from the mall.[2]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Precognition: Elena has spontaneous visions of possible future events.[1]

Relationships Edit

Aiden Edit

Aiden is Elena's good friend. They tease each other and get along fairly well. She trusts him enough to inform him of her worst visions, in the hope that he can change them.

Trivia Edit

  • Elena was able to identify Lumine's sectoral heterochromia.

References Edit

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