You've only been causing trouble for the past two months!

~ Edward Hageman

Episode 1 is the first episode of LUMINE featured on LINE Webtoon.

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Edward Hageman screams at his bodyguard Lumine, a young werewolf, and kicks him out of his house and fires him. Throwing a backpack at Lumine's head, he storms off, leaving Lumine outside. On his way out, two of Hageman's other employees laugh at him for getting fired.

When night comes, Lumine is forced to sleep outside as Hageman didn't pay him before throwing him out. However, he is woken up by a young boy, Kody, who asks him for directions to the city's train station. Unfortunately, Lumine only manages to get them lost in an abandoned dead-end alleyway.

As they try to leave, a man appears and blocks the way, demanding money from them. Kody insults him and tells him to get a job, offending the man, who turns out to be a thief with weredog accomplices. When he threatens Lumine and Kody again and tries to take Lumine's backpack, Lumine bites him in retaliation and the weredogs attack, forcing Lumine to transform into his werewolf form and fight.

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Characters in bold have their first appearances in this episode
Characters in italics have been seen before but are named for the first time in this episode

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