Maybe you should start earning money by working and not stealing!

~ Lumine to the thief

Episode 2 is the second episode of LUMINE.

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Much to his disappointment, the Weredogs' amusement, and Kody's disdain, Lumine transformed into a small, fluffy dog, rather than a large vicious wolf. However, the thief remembers Lumine, in his dog form, from an incident several months ago, when Lumine thwarted his pickpocketing attempt and returned a wallet to its rightful owner.

When the thief accuses Lumine of spending the money himself, they start to angrily shout at each other, until Lumine finally tells the thief that he should just get a proper job instead of robbing people, infuriating the thief into kicking him. Kody watches silently and when asked, says that Lumine is not his friend and he doesn't even know him. The thief then tries to take the backpack, but Lumine bites his arm and is thrown off.

Instead of landing on the ground, Lumine is caught by a pair of hands. A tall and intimidating man tells off the man and weredogs for attacking and robbing young children, then threatens to curse them if they don't immediately leave.

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Characters in bold have their first appearances in this episode
Characters in italics have been seen before but are named for the first time in this episode

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