A wimp like you wouldn't last for more than five seconds if you were to challenge a witch

~ Aiden to the thief

Episode 3 is the third episode of LUMINE.

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Continuing from the previous episode, Lumine's saviour threatens to curse the thief and his weredog robbers. The thief asks him who the hell he thinks he is and tells him to mind his own business, but his companions tell him that the man is a witch and they should get away while they can.

Trying to put on a brave front, the thief shouts that he isn't scared by the witch's spells, but the witch calls him a wimp and says that he would not survive for long in a fight with a witch. The witch soon proves himself right by firing an explosive green spell that leaves the thief on the ground and the pavement cracked as a warning shot. The robbers flee in terror.

The witch puts down Lumine, who turns back into his human form and thanks the man for saving him. Suddenly, Kody calls out to the man and reveals that their saviour is actually his father. When Lumine tries to leave, the man stops him and calls him by his name. Lumine asks how he knows his name, to which the witch responds that he has been looking for him.

Later, Lumine is with Kody in his saviour's car. The witch introduces himself as Aiden, a friend of Edward Hageman, Lumine's last employer. He says that Hageman mentioned many of the things Lumine did, like pushing him down a flight of stairs and hospitalising him. Knowing that Lumine would be fired that day, Aiden decided to come and hire him.

Suddenly, Aiden brakes the car in front of a gas station. Kody leaves to go to the convenience store and Lumine follows behind. Suddenly, they hear shouting and discover a robber with a gun at the cash register. Hiding behind some shelves, they watch the robbery unfold. However, they are caught by another robber, but Lumine knocks his gun out of his hand and kicks him onto the ground. The other robber finds them and points her gun at them, but Lumine throws himself at Kody just as she shoots.

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Characters in bold have their first appearances in this episode
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