If you drink this... I will accept you as my bodyguard

~ Kody to Lumine

Episode 5 is the fifth episode of LUMINE.

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Lumine apologises to a cheerful Aiden about how he couldn't find Kody the previous day. Aiden tells him not to worry and that sometimes Kody hides in the attic.

To begin the interview, Aiden asks Lumine if he has lived in Solefor his whole life, prompting Lumine to reveal that he was born in Terranevo, a nearby snow-covered country. As the interview continues, it becomes increasingly clear that much of Lumine's life is an enigma: He knows neither the date of his birth nor his age and cannot even tell Aiden his full name.

Lumine asks Aiden why he was chosen to be Kody's bodyguard. Aiden responds that he originally was going to let Lumine live with them for free, but decided to assign him to protect Kody after seeing his strength and dexterity, which he ominously says reminded him of a werewolf's. However, Aiden laughs this off and tries to tell Lumine what Defence Squads do.

Later, Lumine tries to look for Kody, without success. Suddenly, he hears an explosion coming from a previously unseen basement and goes down to check. In the basement, he finds Kody, dirty and grime-covered amid clouds of smoke. Kody picks a crystal off the floor and drops it into a round-bottom flask filled with a clear fluid. As he inspects the black potion created from the crystal and the fluid, he tells Lumine that it is a failed attempt at a back-and-shoulder pain relief potion.

Kody hands Lumine the potion and tells him to drink it. When the latter protests, Kody says that he will accept him as his bodyguard if he does so. Eager to have Kody accept him, Lumine drinks the potion and collapses onto the ground. Surprised that he would actually drink the potion, Kody squats down to look at Lumine, then calls his father.

After Lumine has been retrieved from the basement and put in bed, Silver talks to Kody about being nicer to Lumine, suggesting they could even become good friends. However, before he can fully convince Kody, Sherry arrives with his next mission and he leaves.

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