Seems like these two caused you some trouble! Soorryy~!

~ Aiden

Episode 8 is the eighth episode of LUMINE.

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Aiden and Elena drive to the mall, where they find Lumine, Kody, and the Mint-Haired Boy sitting on the steps outside. Kody tells his father that they were kicked out and banned from the mall after Lumine flipped Mint-Haired Boy in the game store.

Aiden laughs at this, but asks why Kody called him. It turns out that he needs him to help him deal with Mint-Haired Boy, who is still following them and wants compensation for being flipped by Lumine. Aiden recognises Mint-Haired Boy from Kody's school and threatens to hurt him if he's been bothering Kody in school, but then pays him a hefty sum as compensation for Lumine and Kody causing trouble. Mint-Haired Boy leaves, in wide-eyed amazement at how much money Aiden gave him.

After Mint-Haired Boy has left, Kody admits that he just called Aiden because he wanted a ride home. Elena bends down and introduces herself to Lumine, although their conversation ends up devolving into a one-sided interrogation. Fortunately, Aiden saves him and they head back home.

Back at Neptune Headquarters, Lumine asks Kody about school, but the latter refuses to talk about it. Outside, Aiden bids farewell to Elena, who reminds him of his promise to change the future she saw in her vision. When he re-enters the house, he sees Kody beating Lumine t a video game, with Silver and a weredog Defence Squad member watching them. Aiden chats with Silver, who is disappointed that Elena already left.

As Lumine loses yet another round of the game, he anxiously thinks about the Black Cat Spirit, which has been appearing around Kody's shoulders more frequently. He decides to ask Aiden about it later.

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Characters in bold have their first appearances in this episode
Characters in italics have been seen before but are named for the first time in this episode

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  • In the second panel, "were" is incorrectly spelt as "we're".
  • In the panel in which Elena is asking Lumine about his adoptive parents, her left eye is white.

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