I can go to school?!

~ Lumine

Episode 9 is the ninth episode of LUMINE.

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One afternoon, Kody is making potions while weredog form Lumine cowers behind a pillow, still scarred from his previous experience. Lumine asks Kody about his potions and learns, much to his surprise, that the boy is a witch. When Lumine asks him about why he has never seen him cast any spells before, Kody closes up and refuses to talk about it.

The Black Cat Spirit suddenly sneaks up to Lumine, scaring him, and he falls off the couch. It leaps away back to Kody's side, meowing and mewing like a real cat. Kody does not seem to see it, which confuses Lumine.

Lumine hears his name called and Sherry enters the room. She tells him that Aiden has returned from his morning assignment and wants to see him. After Lumine leaves, Kody pets the Black Cat Spirit affectionately.

In Aiden's office, Aiden tells Lumine that Kody's school is starting tomorrow and he will be allowed to attend school with Kody, just not attend any lessons, much to Lumine's disappointment. Also, he requests that Lumine tells him how Kody is doing in school, since he never tells his father anything.

The next morning, Lumine wakes up a reluctant Kody and they head to school.

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Characters in bold have their first appearances in this episode
Characters in italics have been seen before but are named for the first time in this episode

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  • The Black Cat Spirit can move independently of Kody.
  • Lumine has never been to school before.
  • Kody has at least four wolf stuffed toys in his bedroom.

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