Episode Release Date Summary
Episode 1May 7, 2017When Lumine, a young werewolf, is fired by his employee and thrown onto the streets, he meets a young witch named Kody and runs into a gang of petty thieves and weredog robbers.
Episode 2May 7, 2017Lumine fights against the gang and is badly beaten up, but a surprising stranger intervenes when he loses.
Episode 3May 7, 2017Lumine's rescuer and new employer, Aiden, drives Lumine and Kody, his son, to a gas station, where the duo find themselves in the middle of another robbery.
Episode 4May 14, 2017After being assigned as Kody's bodyguard, Lumine tries to get him to warm up to him, but it seems that it will take Kody more than a day to trust his new werewolf protector.
Episode 5May 21, 2017After his interview with Aiden, Lumine is more determined than ever for Kody to accept him as his bodyguard, but he might have to pay a price for that.
Episode 6May 28, 2017Aiden talks to Kody about accepting Lumine as his new bodyguard.
Episode 7June 4, 2017Kody takes Lumine game-hunting with him while Aiden has a chat with an old friend who brings dire news.
Episode 8June 11, 2017Aiden and Elena pick up Kody and Lumine from the mall.
Episode 9June 18, 2017Lumine has a chat with Aiden about Kody and school.
Episode 10June 25, 2017Lumine and Kody's first day of school begins, but things go very differently for the two boys.
Episode 11July 2, 2017Lumine learns some shocking truths from the bullies.
Episode 12July 9, 2017Lumine and Kody return home after an eventful day of school.
Episode 13July 16, 2017Lumine comes up with a new plan to help Kody with his bullying problem.
Episode 14July 23, 2017Lumine and Elijah try to resolve the conflict between Elijah's brother, Calla, and Kody.
1st Hiatus
Began: July 30, 2017
Ended: October 8, 2017
Episode 15October 8, 2017A flashback to two years in the past shows how Kody and Elijah first met.
Episode 16October 15, 2017When Elijah tries to befriend Kody, Mona warns him about Calla.
Episode 17October 22, 2017Against Mona's warnings, Elijah chooses to befriend Kody anyway.
Episode 18October 29, 2017Lumine tries a new tactic to scare off Kody's bullies.
Halloween EpisodeNovember 5, 2017Kody and Lumine talk about Lumine's greatest fears.
Episode 19November 12, 2017Elijah tries to apologise to Kody in private, while Lumine is still running away from the two vicious weredogs he saved Kody from.
Episode 20November 19, 2017In another flashback, Elijah has a conversation with Calla about his friendship with Kody.
Episode 21November 26, 2017After upsetting him, Elijah tries to make up with Kody despite Calla's interference.
Episode 22December 3, 2017Lumine looks for Kody, who has run into some trouble after leaving school early.
Episode 23December 10, 2017Captured and tied up in the traffickers’ base, Kody and Calla are forced to work together to save themselves from being sold on the black market.
2nd Hiatus
Began: December 17, 2017
Ended: December 24, 2017
Episode 24December 24, 2017Kody and Calla make a daring escape from their ruthless kidnappers.
Episode 25December 31, 2017Calla is saved by Lumine's sudden appearance, as he fights to save Kody.
Episode 26January 7, 2018Kody's words of encouragement turn the tables on Lumine's attackers when Lumine's true form is restored.
Episode 27January 14, 2018A mysterious woman arrives, reveals that Lumine is a werewolf, and orders the weredogs to capture him.
Episode 28January 28, 2018Lumine continues to fight off the weredogs.
Episode 29February 4, 2018Aiden rescues Lumine and Kody, but when a shocking secret is revealed, things might never be the same again.
Episode 30February 11, 2018Lumine visits Kody in the hospital.
Episode 31February 18, 2018Kody and Lumine talk about what happened.
Episode 32February 25, 2018Lumine continues to talk with Kody about their powers, but is interrupted by Silver and his fellow defence squad members.
Episode 33March 4, 2018Lumine shape-shifts into his werewolf form in his sleep and almost cuts off Kody's breathing as Calla walks in.
Episode 34March 11, 2018Calla returns Kody's spellbook as well as all the other books she took from him 5 years ago while Kody and Lumine wonder why she did so.
Episode 35March 18, 2018A flashback of how Calla and Kody used to be when they were friends.
3rd Hiatus
Began: March 25, 2018
Ended: April 1, 2017
Episode 36April 1, 2018A young Kody tries to use magic for the first time.
Lumine ShortsApril 8, 2018Three adorable mini-comics starring Lumine, Kody, and Aiden!
Episode 37April 15, 2018The class finds out that Kody cannot use magic.
Episode 38April 22, 2018Shorter episode on Kody and Calla's relationship.
Episode 39April 29, 2018Kody and Lumine make a promise.
Episode 40May 6, 2018Kody returns home and gets Lumine to confide in him about his past.
Episode 41May 13, 2018Aiden casts a spell to prevent Elijah from revealing Lumine's true race and a mysterious new werewolf appears.
Episode 42May 20, 2018Kody bakes macarons for Lumine and the Neptune Defence Squad.
Episode 43May 27, 2018Kody returns to school with Lumine and is puzzled to find that he is not gathering any attention, as well as Lumine's disruptions during class.
Episode 44June 3, 2018A shorter episode of Lumine being reprimanded by Kody for disrupting the class.
Episode 45June 10, 2018Calla reveals that she stopped the others from bullying Kody, while the mysterious stranger is shown heading towards the defence squad.
Began: June 11, 2018
Ended: June 24, 2018
Episode 46June 24, 2018Lumine and Kody discuss Kody's situation at school and Aiden is notified of the mysterious werewolf's presence and proceeds to task Sherry with dealing with it.
Episode 47July 1, 2018Sherry, Silver and another defence squad member escort Lumine and Kody off the defense squad grounds.
Began: July 2, 2018
Ended: July 22, 2018
Episode 48July 22, 2018Sherry, Silver and another defence squad member shove Kody into the car and drive the boys off.
Episode 49July 29, 2018Aiden and the crows confront the mysterious werewolf. .
Began: July 30, 2018
Ended: August 12, 2018
Episode 50August 12, 2018Aiden fights the mysterious werewolf.
Episode 51August 19, 2018
Episode 52August 26, 2018
Began: August 27, 2018
Ended: September 9, 2018
Episode 53September 9, 2018
Episode 54September 16, 2018Lumine and Kody encounter a mysterious creature.
Began: September 17, 2018
Ended: September 30, 2018
Episode 55September 30, 2018Lumine and the mysterious creature battle.
Episode 56October 7, 2018After Sherry and Aiden are defeated, Lumine and Kody show up, revealing Lumine's real name.
Began: October 7, 2018
Ended: November 25, 2018
Episode 57November 25, 2018Aiden thanks the boys and wishes them well, before transporting them from the scene. The episode ends in blood, hinting he has been killed
Episode 58December 2, 2018The. oys find themselves in Lumine's home country, Terranevo
Episode 59December 9, 2018
Episode 60December 16, 2018
Christmas SpecialDecember 23, 2018
Episode 61December 30, 2018
Episode 62January 5, 2019
Episode 63January 12, 2019
Began: January 13, 2019
Ended: January 26, 2019
Episode 64January 26, 2019
Began: January 27, 2019
Ended: Not Yet

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