"Ur stronger than them you can beat them”

~ Kody in Episode 42

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Appearance Edit

Kody has tan-brown skin, green eyes (like all witches do) with a small black mole underneath his left eye, and dark brown hair

Personality Edit

At first, Kody is shown to be cruel, disrespectful and coldhearted. But as shown later in season 0, he has a soft side and can be kind when he decides to be. Past episode 30, he began to warm up to some of the characters, one of them being Lumine as his personality softens.

History Edit

Two years before the beginning of the series, Kody was already being bullied by Calla, who hated him for unknown reasons.[1] However, Elijah decided to befriend him anyway and they ended up being good friends[2] until Elijah as he said "overreacted" and yelled at Kody. Due to that event, it is shown that is it now difficult for Kody to befriend others.

As shown in episodes 35-37, Kody and Calla used to be close friends and he showed his emotions more often. But once Aiden told Kody about his condition of not being able to use magic, he became cold towards others, including Calla. Calla began to spread rumors about him, which slowly led to bullying. She thought he deserved it for his attitude towards others.

Plot Edit

Kody found Lumine sleeping in the open behind a building and asked him for directions to the train station. However, they got lost and were accosted by a gang of robbers. Kody infuriated one of them by telling him to get a job, inciting them into attacking.[3] Fortunately, they were saved by Aiden, Kody's father.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Despite being a witch, it is implied that Kody cannot cast spells without spitting blood shortly after and is gradually getting weaker, due to the Black Cat Spirit, explained in episode 30. Prior to the start if the series, when Kody was younger he was already unable to use magic due to his weak body and before his cat was cursed

  • Potion-Making: Kody knows how to make potions, but it is implied that he frequently makes them wrong.
  • Spirit Vision: Like all other witches, Kody can see spirits. He can also touch them.[4]

Relationships Edit

Lumine Edit

Kody met Lumine while he was sleeping on the street, they started living together while growing a strong friendship. Lumine has saved Kody's life numerous times.

Aiden Edit

Aiden is Kody's loving, caring father. Despite this, Kody is quite cold towards him.

Thief and Weredog Robbers Edit

"Get a job you lazy bum" Kody towards them. He was then saved by Aiden from them and thinks lightly of them.

Silver Edit

Sliver knows Kody well enough to know he is a troublemaker and has an ambition of opening a bakery. [5]

Sherry Edit

She views him as one who causes constant trouble and is never shown to interact with many conflicts.

Black Cat Spirit Edit

He is affectionate toward it and does not wish for it to leave him, even when Aiden tells him to get rid of it.

Calla Edit

Kody used to be friends with her until they had a falling out. She bullied him a lot at school. After the incident with the black market however, she is shown to care for Kody a bit more, despite the fact that Kody still despises Calla.

Trivia Edit

  • When Kody uses magic, he coughs up blood.
  • Kody's personality was swapped with Lumine's in the original version of the comic, according to the creator's twitter
  • Kody wants to become a bakery shop owner.

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