I'm scared of Calla.. So I stay away from Kody..

~ Mona in Episode 17

Lumine is a female human student who attends the same school as Kody.

Appearance Edit

Mona is a short and broad girl with dark skin and pink shoulder-length hair. Her eyes are red.

Personality Edit

Despite being a nice girl, Mona is terrified of Calla, like many other students in the school, and thus ignores Kody.

History Edit

Mona warned Elijah about Calla's hatred against Kody when he first joined the school two years ago.[1]

Plot Edit

Mona has yet to appear in the present day.

Relationships Edit

Calla Edit

Mona is terrified of Calla, due to her being the strongest witch in the school.[1]

Elijah Edit

Although she did not know him, Mona was nice enough to talk to Elijah about Calla and Kody when he joined the school.[1]

Kody Edit

Due to her fear of Calla, Mona ignores Kody. However, unlike other students, she does not appear to actively bully him.[1]

References Edit

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