Witches are a race of magic-wielders found in Solefor, Terranevo, and other countries in the world of LUMINE.

Appearance Edit

Witches look just like regular humans, except they have bright green eyes, which humans do not.[1] When they cast spells, their eyes and hands glow with an unearthly light.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Witches can cast a variety of spells, like offensive curses.[2] Both Aiden and Calla have been shown casting green orbs of explosive energy.[3][4]

Also, witches seem to be able to communicate with animals, such as Aiden conversing with crows at night, or Kody wishing that he could use magic so he could talk with his cat.

Additionally, they are capable of doing alchemy and producing potions.[5] According to Kody, potion-making is an old witch tradition and every witch should at least know the basics.[6]

On top of that, witches are capable of seeing and interacting with spirits, unlike weredogs and humans.[7] Lumine seems to be the exception to this.

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Trivia Edit

  • Both male and female magic-wielders are called witches.

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